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San Diego Pedestrian Accident Attorney 92122

San Diego Pedestrian Accident Attorney 92122

Talking To A Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Some of the pedestrian safety laws in California include requiring that a vehicle stop for pedestrians that are waiting, whether or not there is a crosswalk at the intersection that is clearly marked. Also, cars should come to a stop when other cars are parked at a crosswalk to make sure that there is not a pedestrian coming around the car that is going to be hit by yours. California law states that vehicles must give the right of way to pedestrians and to exercise all due care. This may be open to interpretation but it is clear that cars should be watching out for pedestrians on the road. Talking to a pedestrian accident attorney is very important if your hit or injured.

Monetary Settlement That Can Help

Unfortunately, people are injured on American roads all too frequently. While many of the grisly reports that we hear on the news involve the driver or passengers of a vehicle, incidents involving pedestrians are also far too common. Recent statistics reveal that pedestrian deaths occur as frequently as every two hours in the United States. If your life has been painfully touched by an accident like this, it is your right to pursue legal action, and while this cannot rectify what has gone wrong, it might bring to you some small sense of justice, and perhaps a monetary settlement that can help with any medical or other bills you have encountered.

First, let us discuss how California defines a pedestrian. Our state calls anyone that is walking, riding a skateboard, scooter, roller skates, roller blades or any other type of non-motorized conveyance, except for bicycles. Also defined as pedestrians are those with a disability that are wheelchair or automated chair bound. California is one of the toughest states on pedestrian safety and the fines can be very severe. Of course, in return, a pedestrian that is injured by a car may end up with a very large compensation amount in a lawsuit. Contact the best lawyer you can find to assist you with any recent accident you may and get the best Pedestrian Accident Attorney in San Diego.

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