Spinal Accident Attorneys San Diego 92122 Top Lawyer Firm

Spinal Accident Attorneys San Diego 92122 Top Lawyer Firm

The spinal cord is the lifeline of the body that controls movement and sensation in the upper and lower segments of a person’s form. It contains nerve cells, muscle tissue and nerve fibers that connect to the brain.

The level of disability caused by an injury to the spinal cord varies depending upon the severity of the injury and the level of the spinal cord at which the injury occurs. A severely injured spinal cord causing paralysis to any part or parts of the body can cause a client to require millions of dollars in future lifetime needs.

Any individual who has suffered with severe spinal cord injuries may also suffer pneumonia, blood clots, bed sores, urinary infections, nutritional depletion, venous thrombosis, pulmonary complications, renal failure, kidney failure, autonomic dysreflexia, severe pain and other associated problems and may need physical therapy, psychological therapy, and very expensive medical care the rest of their lives.
Anyone who has suffered from a spinal injury understands the impact it can have not only on physical health but also on lifestyle and occupational choices. Small wonder then, that more and more people affected by spinal injury look to solicitors to help them claim legal compensation.
We often think of the spine as merely the column of bones in our back that keeps us standing upright. This is partly true, fewer people know that the really vital part of the spine is contained within these bones. The spinal cord is a continuation of the brain, extending down the back, and giving rise to a complex network of nerves that spread out around the body. These nerves enable us to move our legs and arms , and also to feel sensations such as touch and pain.

Traumatic injury to the spine, for example through a car accident or a fall, often damages these vital structures and affects the ability to feel or move limbs sensation. In extreme cases, partial or total paralysis may be the result, and this can be the most devastating consequence of spinal injury.

The vast majority of personal injuries to the spinal cord come as a result of motorcycle, automobile and truck accidents, none of which can be foreseen, but many of which can be avoided. Others come as a result of avoidable workplace injuries, falls, or sporting injuries, or as a result of intentional violent acts.

One good way for an attorney to understand and explain the amount and types of care required by a client suffering from a severe spinal cord injury is to spend 24 hours with the client. By experiencing (and filming) a day in the life of such a person, the lawyer, and a jury, can be able to understand, at least in part, the care such a patient requires and the effect it has on the person’s family and those who care for him or her.

If you believe there is the possibility that your spinal cord injury, or the injury of a loved one, is due to the actions of another person or entity, we would encourage you to consult with us today.


Spinal Accident Attorneys San Diego 92122


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